Complete Skydiving Rig and gear for Sale

Vector 3 Micron DOM 10/2009, V3-4, Blue w/ neon green, Skyhook, 208 jumps.  Fits 6ft  165lbs

Optima reserve 143 DOM 04/2009, 0 jumps

Cypress 2 DOM 05/2007IMG_20140908_204551_966[1]

PD Saber 2 135 DOM 02/2004,  <400 jumps (Crispy), New line set, RDS Slider.IMG_20140908_204602_613[1]



2 Jumpsuits,  1 camera suit, 1 PantsIMG_20140908_204618_601[1] IMG_20140908_204610_764[1]

2 Helmets 1 with gopro low profile mount, Skytronic audibleIMG_20140908_205626_255[1]

Altimaster Alti 2 Galaxy.

IMG_20140908_213055_147[1] IMG_20140908_213109_494[1]

$4500 takes all.

All gear in tote

Shipping weight 45lbs.

Email and reference this post.



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