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Who We are

Van / Owner, Pilot, Skydiving Instructor, Mechanic

Van Pray Jr. at NASA

Van Pray Jr.

Skydiving Rating – Tandem Instructor, Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Static line instructor, Coach.

40 years in sport, 7000 jumps total

Airline Transport Pilot 8000 hours

FAA certified parachute senior rigger, aircraft A&P and Inspection/Authorization


Steve With Tandem

Steve Anderson

Steve /Skydiving Instructor

Tandem instructor, AFF instructor, Safety and Training Adviser, Coach

15 years in sport, 1500 jumps total

Private pilot


sean huttoSean /Skydiving Instructor

Tandem Instructor, Coach, FAA Parachute senior rigger

16 years in sport, 3000 jumps

20121121 Kitty and EmikoEmiko/Pilot

Airline Transport Pilot 8800 hours

26 years in sport, 1750 jumps total

Kitty / Mice exterminator

0 jumps

Richard /Customer Service, Parachute PackerRichard kennedy

3 years in sport, 10 jumps total




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