Facilities (Old)



At Skydive Flying V Ranch we enjoy the freedom allowed by having our own Private Airstrip. Large groups like Bachelor and Birthday Parties can enjoy the swimming pool, Shooting Range, Fishing Pond, BBQ grill and after hours socializing in the hot tub or around the Campfire telling their first Skydiving Story.


Our long experience at growing up at an airport and flying all over the US prepared us for selecting the best location to skydive. We picked this area for many reasons. Everyone wants to go Skydiving in St. Louis but with all the air traffic and congestion it is best to be a  little out of the city and by studying aeronautical charts we ensured that our operations would not conflict with airliners and Air Traffic control lets us go higher.  As I grew up my father was the airport manager bringing the Public and General Aviation together with activities like Airshows, Ballooning, Air Racing and the whole time running a skydiving school, the airport didn’t close at sunset, evenings were spent around the campfire having BBQ and listening to skydiving and flying stories.  That is what I wanted to duplicate and bring the joy of aviation and Safe Skydiving to the public.  Local experienced pilots and Celebrities have dropped in with their own aircraft to sit and enjoy this lost experience.

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