The following are Frequently Asked Questions
at Skydive Flying V Ranch

Gift Certificates?
Sorry, we no longer offer gift certificates.

What should I wear to skydive?
Dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes, not sandals and not boots with hooks. Tennis shoes work best. We will provide you a jump suit to protect your clothes from possible grass stains.

Do I have to put a deposit down in order to jump?
$50  deposit is required. This deposit is not refundable without exception and is only transferable to a different date if weather does not permit the skydive.You will lose your deposit if you do not show up at your scheduled date and time, are not 18 years of age or older, or weigh over 200 lbs. Once you chose your date & time, we block others from taking that slot

What happens if the weather is bad the day I am scheduled to jump?
First of all, do NOT believe all the forecasts you hear the day before, a couple days before, or a WEEK before your scheduled jump. Weather forecasters have been known to be wrong a few times. (Note the sarcasm on the word “few”.) We wait until the day of your jump to make a decision about the weather. If you wake up the day of your jump and think the weather may not be right, give us a call before you drive out. Weather differs greatly even within a distance of 30 miles, so although it may be bad weather where you are, we may have perfect weather. We can discuss delaying your jump for later that day, or rescheduling for a different date. If we reschedule, you will not lose your deposit. It will be transferred to the next available date of your choice.

How many of us can go up in the plane at the same time, Will I jump with my friend?
We have the equipment and largest aircraft in the area that can carry 3 first time Tandem Skydivers with Instructors.   We do our best to accommodate this request but we cannot guarantee that you will be on the same flight.

How much time does a jump take?
If we are not waiting on weather or delays from the previous group, plan on spending about 2.5 hours at the drop zone for two people. Here’s how it all happens. Once you show up you have to fill out the paperwork.  This takes about 30 minutes.  Then you watch a video and we physically practice the Skydiving maneuvers with you; this training lasts about 15 minutes. Gearing up and getting ready to jump takes another 10 minutes. The plane ride to 10,500 feet lasts about 15 minutes. Your jump itself is lasts around 5 to 7 minutes. Then gearing down, debriefing, watching your video, and getting your logbook takes 15 minutes or more. We try and move this process smoothly and efficiently but please plan on spending 4 hours with us.  Enjoy watching the skydive show and cool your feet in the pool while you wait.

What is the weight limit?
200lbs for males and 165lbs for females.  Participants should be in good physical condition, and their height and weight ration should be proportional to make a tandem skydive with us.  We do not take anybody who is in the obese category on BMI chart.  Please check to see if you qualify.  Sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere. By setting this standard, we are able to provide the best landings and dramatically reduce the chance of injury.

What if I’m sixteen? Can I have my parents sign for me?
No.  18 is the minimum age.  Everyone who skydives signs a waiver, which is a legally binding contract, specifically a release of liability and assumption of risk agreement. Minors are not allowed to enter into legal contracts regardless of who signs on their behalf

Do you offer group discounts?
We do not offer group discounts pricing on the Tandem Skydive.  Preparing everything to get a large group of first time skydivers in the sky and back on the ground quickly requires bringing together all the specialized aircraft, equipment and experienced staff required for your safety and this is very expensive.   For Safety you do not want a discounted skydive from anyone.  We can offer group discounts on your Skydive Video and or provide t-shirts that can make our Complete Skydive Package pricing competitive while not compromising safety.   Assembling a large group of people to go skydiving together for their first time is very difficult.   If your large group of 10 turns into 3 the price of the jump is still the same and just the video pricing reverts back to its list price.

The amount of organization that goes into your skydive is enormous, as is the commitment made by our Instructors, Pilots, Parachute packers, and Ground crew others working hard behind the scenes to be ready to provide everything needed for you to make your skydive in a safe environment. That’s why there is no refund for the non-refundable deposits.  If you would like to reschedule you must give a minimum 48 hour notice.