Tandem Skydive

We do not compromise!  Here you get Safety and Quality!  You deserve the best Aircraft, Newest equipment, Highest altitude, We have the most skilled instructors giving you the complete Skydiving Experience with a Perfect Safety Record and all in a beautiful setting.   When making your First Skydive you should not Compromise!  Please Compare what we offer before making this important decision.  See the Photos page,  our  Youtube Channel, and past Facebook videos / Photos to see that we are the best at this and have been doing it longer than the rest

17,000 ft Tandem Skydive with almost 75 seconds of free fall!:  $349 

The Highest Jump and the most Free Fall in Missouri:



***13,000 ft Tandem Skydive with 55 seconds of free fall!:  $269 ***


***10,500 ft Tandem Skydive with 40 seconds of free fall:  $249***

The standard tandem skydive


***Go Big! Package:  $429       ( Best Value)***
17,000 ft tandem skydive, edited Video with slow motion and music of your skydive and  Skydive Flying V ranch T-shirt


Complete raw footage of your Skydive on Master file:  $54            (Best value)
Pull Still pictures from the unedited files and easy upload to social media.


Great job!

Edited slow motion and music of your skydive plus raw footage:  $95

See the Photos page,  our  Youtube Channel, and past Facebook videos / Photos to see that we are the best and have been doing it longer than the rest.

Our instructors pride themselves in taking the best videos and our work is watched around the world by admires and our competition attempts to duplicate what we do.

$50 deposit required to hold your reservation.

All prices noted above are for cash only.

3% credit card fee when paying balance with Credit Card.

You must be between 18 and 65 years old, weigh less than 200lbs for men, 165lbs for women and in good physical condition to make a tandem skydive with us.